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1. Would you say that you’re an optimist?

GREEN: Absolutely.
YELLOW: Still trying to figure that one out.
RED: What’s the point, it all sucks anyway.
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2. Do you have a family history of knee or hip arthritis?

RED: Knee or hip replacements.
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3. Do you have a family history of back problems?

RED: Spinal Surgery.
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4. Do you snore?

GREEN: Never.
YELLOW: Sometimes.
RED: Your spouse is ready to toss you out.
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5. Do you wear out your shoes unevenly, one shoe versus the other? (Take a pair of well-worn, but not worn out, shoes or sneakers and look from behind at the heel and/or inner arch area. Also look underneath at the wear patterns on the sole, both front and back.)

GREEN: They're the same.
YELLOW: Maybe a slight difference.
RED: Very different.
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6. Do you ever limp?

YELLOW: Maybe after a hard workout.
RED: Yes.
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7a. Women, have you ever been pregnant ?

YELLOW: Yes, but no problems.
RED: Yes, and my body has never been the same.

7b. Did you ever have any significant musculoskeletal problems (such as knee pain, back pain, sciatica) during or after pregnancy?

YELLOW: Yes, but it was fully resolved after delivery.
RED: Yes, and it still bothers me.
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8. How stressed-out are you?

GREEN: Occasional stress, but I seem to handle it well.
YELLOW: I feel overwhelmed at times.
RED: Got a Valium?
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9a. Your BMI (Body Mass Index) see chart

GREEN: Good weight BMI below 25.
YELLOW: Mild overweight 25–29.9.
RED: Higher level overweight and/or obese over 30.

9b. If your BMI is under 25?

GREEN: Can’t pinch an inch, but there is something there.
YELLOW: Nothing to pinch, but I can’t count my ribs .
RED: Have to run around in the shower to get wet .

9c. Do you find it harder than 5 years ago to maintain your ideal weight?

GREEN: No problemo.
YELLOW: I’ve added 5 or 10 pounds in the past 5 years .
RED: I've had to have my clothes altered to fit.

9d. Can you pinch an inch?

YELLOW: Yes, while sitting.
RED: Yes, standing, too.
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10. Have you ever smoked?

YELLOW: Not in the past 10 years.
RED: Got a light?
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